It is believed that the firm of Handley & Moore of Clerkenwell, London were specialist bracket clock movement makers who supplied retailers and clock assemblers, and the trade with movements.
There were a number of such firms in Clerkenwell who carried on business in this way. Their known working dates were:
1801 – 20 at Clarkenwell Close, London.
Handley retired in 1820 and died 1806. The firm then styled itself
John Moore late Handley & Moore’
It is believed that Wightman of St. Martin’s Lane were retailers or assemblers of clocks and the firm’s known working dates were:
Thomas Wightman (11) of London 1799 – 1820
The Thomas Wightman of St Martin’s Lane who was known to have been at this address in 1811 may have been the man above or a relative of the same name.
Thomas Wightman (1) was known to have been working 1701 – 1745.