Bells, cast in bell metal, for clocks,
Whitechapel Bells, London, UK.  
Books, Horological
Mayfield Books, Derbyshire, UK.  
Books, Horological
G.K.Hadfield, Cumbria, UK  
Books, Horological
Crunruh Books, eBay store. Illinois USA.  
Books, Horological & other related topics.
AbeBooks, Internet store. INTERNATIONAL. 
Brass & non ferrous metal supplies.
George White & Co., Clayton. VIC. (03) 9544 1100
Brass & non ferrous metal supplies
Brass & Copper Pty Ltd. Seven Hills, NSW.
 (02) 9624 2355
Brass protective lacquer,
Wattyl Clear Laquer Finish.

Bunnings Hardware.  
Brass sheet, rod, tube
Brass & Copper P/L
Brass supplies
Delway Brass, Edwardstown, SA. (08) 8277 0603
Brass supplies
The Brass Factory, Melrose Park, SA.
 (08) 8374 2799
Brass tubing fine round and
sections, small sheet

K&S Precision Metals, Hobbyco 9264 4877
Brass, copper & bronze metal stock
Brass & Copper Pty Ltd. Seven Hills, NSW. (02) 9624 2355
Brassware for cabinet making.
Hardware for Creative Finishes,Dungog, NSW (02) 4992 3068
Brassware for cases
Londonderry Brasses Ltd., Pennsylvania, USA  
Brassware for clock cases.
Optimum Brasses, Devon, UK.  
Brassware, hinges, locks, etc.
Restore In Style, Toowoomba, Qld. (07) 4630 1232
Cabinetmaking supplies
Hardware for Creative Finishes, Dungog, NSW. (02) 4992 3068
Cabinetware, brass knobs, locks , hinges etc.
Windsor Restoration Suppliy Centre, Windsor, NSW (02) 4577 4853
Case cleaning, staining, waxing & polishing
Howard Products Aust., Distributors Aust. Wide. Check web site
Case fitting, finials
Windsor Restoration Supply Centre
268 George St, Windsor(02)95774853
Clear lacquer for polished metals
Clear & coloured lacquers
Clock & watch repairs
Hornsby Watch Centre, Westfields ,Hornsby. NSW
 (02) 9477 6542
Clock & watch tools
FindingKing, eBay store, Arizona USA.  
Clock case spares
Time Restored Ltd., Wiltshire, UK  
Clock movement & case restoration service,
FixOclock, Lindsay Bramall, Blue Mountains, NSW 4758 7938
Clock movement & case restoration service,
Timewise Clocks, Adelaide SA. (08) 8277 6084
Clock movements.
Butterworth Clocks, Iowa, USA
( Username & password: "butterworth")

Clock replacement parts
Clock replacement parts
Clock replacement parts
Clock replacement parts
Clock replacement parts
Clock sales, retail
Timewise Clocks, Adelaide SA. (08) 8277 6084
Clock spare parts
Timesavers Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona, USA 
Clock spare parts
Merritts, Pennsylvania, USA 
Clock spare parts
Meadows & Passmore. Brighton, UK.  
Clock spares
Mount Vernon Clock Co. eBay store, Ohio, USA
Clock spares
Australian Watch &  Clock Supplies
Clock spares & tools
Jewellery-trade-resources, eBay store, Kent, UK
Clock spares and tools.
Clocks & Craft, eBay store. Adelaide SA.
(08) 82778778      
Clock spares.
H S Walsh, Kent, UK
Clock spares.
John Wardle, Derbyshire, UK.  
Clock spares.
Cousins Material House, Essex, UK  
Clock wheel & pinion cutting, Stock items.
Horologicalgears, eBay store. Norwich, UK .
Clock wheel cutting,Fast and
good quality and price.

Croft Clocks,Scouri, Sutherland , Scotland,UK  
Clock wheels and pinions, Custom made.
Stock items.

Peter Holtby, St. Pauls Bay. MALTA.
Clockmaker trade marks.
Extensive list of trademarks.

Mikrolisk, The Horological Trade Mark Index. 
Coloured lacquers, hobby paints
for case work.

Hobbyco. QVB Sydney, Rhodes SC &
Macarthur Sq. NSW 9264 4877
Complete Clock Restoration
Fix O Clock, Lindsay Bramall
http://www.fixoclock.net0402 046 194
Dial repairs, clock. Excellent
porcelain dials repairs.

Lynton Dials, Wymondham, Norfolk, UK  
Dial repairs/ restoration.
Marnie Myall, 1/50 Valiant St.,
Abbotford, VIC 3067
 (03) 8415 0383
Dial restoration
Marnie Myall
1/50 Valiant St, Abbotsford VIC 3067(03)84150393
Dutch clock parts, antique Dutch clocks
Luitzen Tasma, Nijensleek, NETHERLANDS  
Glass bending
Bent Glass 
Glass bending
Glass Benders Windsor  
Glass bending, curving.
Glass Bender, Unit 1B, 46 Mileham St. Windsor NSW        (02) 4577 4822
Glass bending, curving.
Bent & Curved Glass Co.,25 Daisy St Revesby NSW. (02) 9773 1022
Glass bevelling
Ben's Mini Bevels
41 Delaney Dr, Baulkham Hills NSW(02)96348539
Glass, cut round flat
Cains Glass Service Penrith (02)47315386
Glass cutting and bevelling
Ben's Mini Bevels, 41 Delaney Dr.,
Baulkham Hills. NSW
 (02) 9634 8539
Glass domes
Astrid Meyer, Bruchhausen-Vilsen, GERMANY 
Glass domes , ( Ben Bowen ), Florida USA  
Glass pipe, tube, custom made.
Custon Blown Glassware,
12 St. Marys St. St Peters. NSW
 (02) 9517 2916
Glass tube, custom made glass
Custom Blown Glassware
12 Mary St, ST Peters NSW 2044(02)95172916
Gold leaf
C.Morello Australia Pty Ltd. VIC (03) 9470 4313
Gold leaf for gilding
Morello/Ashcroft, Unit 1, 33 Commercial Dr. VIC. (03) 9464 1700
Gold & silver leaf
WM Ashcroft & Co
51 Westminster St, Oakleigh VIC 3166(03)95682344
Hinges, locks etc for cabinet work
Restore In Style, Toowoomba, QLD . (07) 4630 1232
Lathes, tools,
Merlin Tools, eBay store, Shanghai, CHINA
A1 Marble & Granite Services
Factory 4, 222 Headland Rd,
Dee Why NSW 209
PMG Stone
Marble & stone
Euro Marble Marrickville
Marble and decorative stone
Euromarble, 11 Rich St., Marrickville, NSW (02) 8585 2999
Marble and decorative stone
The Marble House, Thornbury. VIC (03) 9822 2501
Metal casting of small parts
Palloys Pty Ltd, Marrickville, NSW 9212 1222
Metal polishing supplies
Australian Jewellery Suppliers Sydney (02)92313666
Metal supplies, steel & brass
Edcon Steel, Brookvale, Revesby,
Blacktown & Orange, NSW. (02) 9938 8500
Metals, rare. eg tungsten, molybdenum etc.
Midwest Tungsten Service, Illinois, USA. 
Metalwork tools
Merlin Tools, eBay store, Shanghai, CHINA
Mirror re-silvering.
Mirror Resilvering Service Co (02) 9624 4848
Rope, polyester, heat to join, 30 hour clock
C.W. Smith Marine Pty Ltd. Collingwood, VIC
(03) 9417 1077
Screws, BA , quality steel & brass
EKP Supplies, North Devon, UK 
Silver steel supplies
Hales Tool & Dies Supplies, Nth. Plympton,SA 8376 6655
Taps & dies
LPR Toolmakers, 8 First St., Broadford. VIC. (03) 5784 1351
Taps, dies and metal cutting tools
Graham McDonald Services, Girraween, NSW
1/127 Magowar Rd, Girraween NSW 2145(02) 9636 2284
Taps, dies, metal working tools
Tracy Tools Ltd., South Devon, UK  
Timber supply, exotic species
Otto & Co. P/L., 4 Wells St, Stepney. SA (08) 8362 3522
Timber veneers, stringing, banding etc.
Hardware for Creative Finishes, Dungog, NSW. (02) 4992 3068
Timber veneers, timber, exotic.
Briggs Veneers, Wetherill Park, NSW 9732 7888
Timber veneers, timber, iron-on.
Consolidated Veneers, Wetherill Park, NSW. (02) 9604 8100
Timber, exotic species.
Matthews Timber P/L,
16 Christie St. St Marys, NSW (02) 9833 3100
Timber, exotic species.
Matthews Timber P/L,
125 Rooks Rd. Vermont, VIC (03) 9264 8222
Timer, watch & clock
Microset Timer by Mumford. California USA     
Tools, clock & watch
Smith & Smith P/L,
Lvl 1, 36 York St., Sydney. NSW (02) 9290 2922
Tools, clock,watch & jewellery.
Australian Jeweller Supplies
( AJS ) , Capital cities. 1300 852 999
Velvet & satin fabric
Watch & clock tools
FindingKing, eBay store, Arizona USA.  
Watch parts
Watch Bitz, Oxenford, QLD (07) 5668 3549
Watch spares
Cousins Material House, Essex, UK  
Watch spares & tools
Labanda. Unit 2, 31 Black Street.
Milton, QLD. (Capital cities.) (07) 3876 7481
Watch spares.
Smith & Smith P/L, Lvl 1,
36 York St., Sydney. NSW (02) 9290 2922
Wood mouldings for clock cases
Old & New Times, Ebay store. UK.
Woodwork supplies
The Wood Works Book & Tool Co.
Mona Vale, NSW (02) 9807 7244
Woodworking Tools
Woodworking tools and accessories.
Mikes Tools.,California USA.  
Woodworking tools.
Carba-Tec,. 113 Station Rd, Auburn.
NSW (Capital cities ) (02) 9648 6446
Woodworking tools.
Timbercon., Willetton. WA 1300 880 996